Studio Rental

A 1000 Sf well equipped photo/video studio ready for rent, including almost all you need to make the shoot you dreaming of.



Studio rental:

Bronze: AED 100 per hour with minimum 3 hours. (No draft time)

Silver: AED 1000 package of 10 hours plus 2 hours free. (3 splits max, within 30 days)

Gold: AED 1500 package of 15 hours plus 4 hours free. (4 splits max, within 30 days)

Platinum: AED 2400 package of 24 hours plus 8 hours free. (5 splits max, within 30 days)


Rates include:

- 4 strobe heads 400ws with reflectors (2x Bowens, 2xMeltblitz).

- 2 strobe head 200ws with reflectors (Compact).

- 2x 60x60cm softbox.

- 2x 60x90cm softbox.

- 2x 90x120cm softbox, with grid.

- Beauty dish (white), with diffuser.

- 2x 40x120 strip softbox with grid.

- 2x convertible umbrella.

- 1x 182cm Phottix para umbrella with diffuser.

- Set of grid (5, 10 & 20).

- Barndoor with gels and grid.

- Multiple gel selection.

Our diverse experience and expanding knowledge, helps us see through the clients’ eyes, to help you reach your objectives, market your products and present yourself visually to your potential clients, the right way.


Our advice is free, so feel free to drop in for a counselling session regarding your upcoming projects.


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We work worldwide and regularly in Middle East, North Africa, GCC Countries & EU.


Our studio is located at:


Al Qouz Industrial are 1st, First Al Khail road, Dubai, UAE


Commercial Photography Inquiries:


Tel: +971 (050) 1472894



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